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Beta Zeta Theta Attends the Regional Convention in Columbia,SC

Yep, JCC BZT was in DA HOUSE!!!!! I'm going to drop the photos from Convention below. There were PLENTY of SHENANigans! (a little I nside joke you'll learn about if you attend meetings - YES, there's a post coming about the elevator picture). We really are one big family. You can think what you want and we still love you for it. New ideas are celebrated. Your individuality not only makes you unique, it MAKES YOU VALUABLE! There is only ONE YOU! The more minds the better! The more points of view you have on a topic the better. These are like facets of a Diamond. It sparkles more with the most cuts! I hope, for your sake, that you can join me in future conferences and conventions. They are "were the family is AT." I hope you can feel our joy of being together while you look back at OUR adventure.

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