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BZT Joins in Trunk-or-Treat at JCC!

Now Featuring Hocus Pocus! PTK is here to help you Focus!

Decorated Trunk
BZT's Trunk

Wow, your officers really outdid themselves! The theme they chose was absolutely amazing, and the execution was flawless. And can we talk about how fantastic Winifred was? She was brought to you by none other than your outstanding chapter president, Robyn! And a massive shoutout to your recording officer for generously letting you use the trunk of her Jeep. And let's not forget about VP Lauren - she really went all out with her be-witchy garb and welcoming smile to greet all the big and little trick-or-treaters. I was so happy to be there to experience it all!

I can't forget to shout out one of our awesome members, Leah! She came out and helped represent Phi Theta Kappa! We are so proud of her.

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